Board Members

Jurisdiction Name Position
City of Creedmoor Neena Nowell Director
City of Creedmoor Michael Frangos Alternate 1
City of Durham Javiera Caballero Director
City of Durham Reginald Hicks Alternate 1
City of Durham Michelle Woolfolk Alternate 2
City of Raleigh Nancy McFarlane Director
City of Raleigh Kenneth Waldroup Alternate 1
City of Raleigh Carolyn Bachl Alternate 2
Durham County Ellen Reckhow Director
Durham County Ryan Eaves, Treasurer Alternate 1
Durham County McKenzie Gentry Alternate 2
Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District David Harris Ex Officio
Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District Danielle Adams Ex Officio
Franklin County Harry Foy Director
Franklin County Scott Hammerbacher Alternate 1
Granville County Owen Roberts Director
Granville County Barry Baker Alternate 1
Granville County Michael Felts Alternate 2
Orange County Sally Greene Director
Orange County Penny Rich Alternate 1
Person County Jimmy Clayton, Vice Chair Director
Person County Sybil Tate Alternate 1
South Granville Water and Sewer Authority Fred Dancy Alternate 1
Town of Butner Bill McKellar Director
Town of Butner Mike Ciriello Alternate 1
Town of Butner Thomas Marrow Alternate 2
Town of Hillsborough Jenn Weaver, Secretary Director
Town of Hillsborough Terry Hackett Alternate 1
Town of Stem Jim Dooris Director
Town of Wake Forest Scott Miles Director
Wake County Sig Hutchinson, Chair Director
Wake County Melinda Clark Alternate 1
Wake County Kathryn Hobby Alternate 2