Background Information Available for the UNRBA Monitoring RFQ

Over the last 14 months the UNRBA has been working with Cardno ENTRIX to develop a preliminary evaluation of the Falls Lake Stage II Reexamination process.  This effort involves some specific tasks.  Two of the tasks included in the Cardno contract are directly related to the Association’s efforts to perform monitoring to support the reexamination.  The Task 2 final Technical Memorandum (review of existing data) and a FINAL DRAFT of the Task 4 Technical Memorandum (recommendations for future monitoring and modeling) have been posted to this site following this news article.  For those examining these two reports, please remember that the Task 4 Technical Memorandum is still a DRAFT and should not be represented as a final product.  

This information may be of use to those responding to the Support of Long-Term Monitoring and Laboratory Services RFQ.