UNRBA Legal Support for its Reexamination of the Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy Update

Only one question was recieved by the UNRBA regarding the Legal Support RFQ. The question was “Please confirm that we are allowed 26 total pages of content in our response to the RFQ.” UNRBA response:  "The RFQ allows for responses to include “pages of content” considering it will be an electronic submittal.  The Qualifications Section of the response can be up to 15 pages and the resumes of the proposed team is limited to a maximum of 10 pages, one page for each team member.  So, if you do not have 10 team members, then any remaining pages allowed for this section cannot be transferred to the Qualifications Section (it is limited to a total of 15 pages).  The cover letter is one page.  The response also  states that “page limitations do not include front cover, back cover, section dividers, table of contents, non-collusion certification, exceptions, and conflicts of interest.  Taking these into consideration, content can have 15 pages of Qualifications (as described in the RFQ) and up to 10 pages for resumes.  The submittal can include web-links to additional information and the information provided at the link sites are not included in the page limitations". The responses to the RFQ are due March 29, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.