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Over the last 14 months the UNRBA has been working with Cardno ENTRIX to develop a preliminary evaluation of the Falls Lake Stage II Reexamination process.  This effort involves some specific tasks.  Two of the tasks included in the Cardno contract are directly related to the Association’s efforts to perform monitoring to support the reexamination.  The Task 2 final Technical Memorandum (review of existing data) and a FINAL DRAFT of the Task 4 Technical Memorandum (recommendations for future monitoring and modeling) have been posted to this site following this news article.

The UNRBA issued an RFQ March 15 for seeking qualified individuals and firms to provide the “general contractor” services to help the Association develop the data and information necessary to provide a basis for the reevaluation of Stage II of the Falls Lake Rules.

The UNRBA Board is scheduled to meet Wednesday October 17, 2012 at the Butner Town Hall.  Among several agenda items is a review and discussion of the future monitoring needs for Falls Lake and its watershed.  The UNRBA is planning to develop a program for reealuation of the Stage II provisions of the Falls Lake Rules.  Future monitoring is an essential component of this effort.

At the upcoming August 22, 2012 Board Meeting to be held in Butner, NC, the UNRBA Board will be provided a summary presentation on the Task 2 work Cardno ENTRIX has been doing for the Association. 

In accordance with the approved and signed contract between the UNRBA and Cardno ENTRIX, the Executive Director has scheduled the kick-off meeting that is required under the approved Path Forward scope of work (Task 6 of the contract documents) for January 30th at 1:30 PM in the Butner Town Hall Mulit-Purpose room.