UNRBA Stage II Falls Lake Rules Reexamination Effort

Modeling and Regulatory Support Activities

UNRBA Model Framework ~ June 12, 2014

Approved UNRBA Model Framework

pproval Letter from DWR

Support of Long-Term Planning and Regulatory Nutrient Activities in the Falls Lake Watershed (2012 Contract)- (The information below provides downloadable files developed for the UNRBA's Stage II reexamination effort under the Falls Lake Rules).

  • Project Overview
  • Task 1 - Develop a Framework for a Reexamination of Stage II of the Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy (Cardno ENTRIX 2013a)
  • Task 2 - Review Existing Data and Reports to Summarize Knowledge of Falls Lake and the Falls Lake Watershed (Cardno ENTRIX 2012)
  • Task 3 - Review Methods for Delivered and Jurisdictional Nutrient Loads (Cardno ENTRIX 2013b) 
  • Task 4 - Recommend Future Monitoring and Modeling Approaches (Cardno ENTRIX 2013c). The Project Overview provides background information about the project as well as a brief summary of each of the Cardno ENTRIX reports.