UNRBA Seeks Support of Long-Term Monitoring and Laboratory Services

The UNRBA issued an RFQ March 15 for seeking qualified individuals and firms to provide the “general contractor” services to help the Association develop the data and information necessary to provide a basis for the reevaluation of Stage II of the Falls Lake Rules.  The Falls Lake Rules require reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus by 40 and 77 % respectively from the “baseline” year 2006 loading under Stage II of the nutrient reduction program.  The Rules also include a provision allowing for a reevaluation of the Stage II requirements based on a long-term monitoring program.  Interested parties should review the referenced RFQ on this site.  Questions about the RFQ can be directed to the UNRBA’s Executive Director, Forrest Westall at forrest.westall@unrba.org.